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Hickory, NC, United States
First I love GOD! He has me where he wants me in life and I am happy! I am a wife, to a wonderful man named Kevin. I am a mother of two healthy, beautiful, loving, make me smile *everyday* children! I am a photographer who also happens to have a full time job {on the side}. Being behind a camera is something that I found out that I truly enjoy about 6 years ago when my son started racing motorcycles.

My style of photography is fun! Fun for me to do, and fun for you to enjoy! I take pictures best in an atmosphere where you or your family are doing what you all do the best... being yourself! Whether it be at your home, my home, a park, or even if you are planning a hike in the mountains. You want memories? Let me help you remember them!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where in the world have I been all this time???

I cannot express how sorry I am that I have been MIA for a little while! I stressed IA because I promise I have been in action! I have lots to show everyone..the baby from the post below was born (and I was in the room when she arrived) along with several other babies that joined the world. A couple family sessions, and one year birthday session, a wedding, several bridal sessions (although you cannot see them yet).....so I promise, I have been in action! Stay tuned, because I have been working on a new blog all together! So I have just been waiting until that is ready to show you some of the work! Thank you for being so patient with me! Have a wonderful day!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jen + Toney = beautiful baby bump

What a beautiful mommy and daddy! What a beautiful day....well....it was cold and it was windy, BUT it was beautiful! Jen and Toney have many wonderful things coming to them over the next year! I am so excited to be a part of it all! We all are waiting the arrival of baby "b" (which will be here sometime in the next two weeks). Next week, if she is not here yet, they will be determining when to give the baby a little nudge at making an appearance in this great big world! Jen and Toney, I will be thinking of you guys over the next couple of weeks! I am sure everything will go just wonderful! And let's not leave out Mr. p....he is going to be a wonderful big brother!

Here are a few images that we took from our maternity session!!!

Hakuna Matata!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ashley & Chris {Will you be my Valentine?}

Meet Ashley and Chris. You will see them again in a few short months as they are getting married in August! Ashley and Chris grew up, live, and LOVE the city...that is where they got engaged...so that is where we decided to shoot their engagement session! You two are awesome...I cannot wait to work with you two again with your wedding! I met with Ashley and Chris on Valentines Day...we thought this would be a good way to celebrate the biggest "LOVE" day of all! And it was perfect! You can totally feel the love between these two!

Thanks you guys for inviting me down to your city to spend some time with you guys! I truly had a great time! Your day is going to be awesome and I can.not.wait!!!!! Enjoy!

Hakuna Matata!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kathy and the Snow

This is a very good friend of mine, Kathy! She got snowed in with us a couple of weeks ago and I had to share a few images of her in the snow. We went out for a few minutes and had some fun. I bought the vintage sled that day and had to use it! I am so glad the warm weather is just around the corner, but HAD to share these few just quickly!

On another note, I have only been blogging once a week for the past two weeks. I hope to change that this week! I have a wedding that I second shot in, and an engagement shoot to blog about! Stay tuned!!!!

Thanks for checking out the blog! Come back soon!

Hakuna Matata!

Monday, February 15, 2010

"k" is 1????

It just seems like yesterday we were taking pictures of mom and dad while you were still in mommies belly!!! And then, it seems like the day after that we were taking your newborn pictures. And now, seems as though it has only been another week or two, you are eating your first birthday cake? Where did the time go?

Kade has a message for you:

Peace out...and thanks for coming to my party :)Thanks guys for letting me come capture your little miracle baby's first birthday! He had such a great time! You guys have done wonderful over the past year! Keep it up! :)

If you are interested in birthday party coverage...contact me :) I love em!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Handsome "w"

Meet "w". He is just so handsome, little, cute, full of sweet sweet energy that I wish I had just an ounce of ;). Mom is doing so good keeping up with him considering he is going to be a BIG BROTHER to a little sister in just a few short months (I am sure mom don't feel they are short). Those blue eyes are just far to adorable! And his smile....will MELT you! We had a snow storm the day before our session, and I was so excited to get to capture him playing in the snow. He wasn't too sure about it at first, but I think he wanted to stay and play more (as ALL kids do once they get the feel for it). Oh, and I CANNOT leave out Tinsley! SUCH a sweet doggie, but she DID NOT want to give me the time of day!!!

I met Beth at my monthly "Mommy Bunco Group", and have really enjoyed getting to meet her and other mommies in my area. Beth, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to capture your little handsome man. I cannot wait till the princess arrives to meet her as well!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave me some love!!! :)

Hakuna Matata!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Kirby Family

Here are the Kirby's. You may remember the little one from here. We wanted to get some of the whole family then, but dad had the flu. We finally got together to get some family shots, and I could not be happier with everything! We went to little t's grandparents, and they live in just a beautiful setting with a creek and a bridge! Oh, it was so fun. Not to mention the weather was just awesome!

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures!!!!!

Hakuna Matata!!!!!!